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Toothlife Business that solves problems

Today’s society is not simple. Everything is tangled with problems, so we need different experiences in order to untangle these problems.

Toothlife’s business area is large. Starting with development, marketing, AI, bigdata, offline and donation. Toothlife makes tools that allows us to find solution for problems and making it possible with our team.

Solve Problem

who can solve your problems


Toothlife’s team has advanced problem-solving skills.

Our team consist with Line Play marketing director,
people from large corporation and genius developers.

How Toohlife works

Step 3 of problem solving

Finding problems

The usual problems caused in daily life are all Toohlife’s business item.

Finding solution

Toothlife wishes to look for all the possibilities for the problems. One may never know the outcome of different methods.

Problem Solved

Executing the solution for the problem and completing the process with better solutions.

Toothlife has come a long way. But since there are too many things to do in the world, we are still moving forward.

company logo

Business Establishment

Toothlife has taken the first step.

company logo

Content Supply Contract with Japan, KRCG

We have contracted with Video Contents Company KRCG for getting contents provided and Rogue Media’s International Sales Division of Korea.

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Certified R&D based business from Technical Assurance Fund.

Toothlife have gained futuristic professional skills certification recognized by governmental group Technical Assurance Fund.

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Designated as Line Play Marketing Agency

We have been selected as a marketing agency for Line service 'Line Play'

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Company Research and Development Center Established

Established a company-affiliated research and development institute for more effective problem-solving process and core technology.

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Headquarter Transfer

Headquarter transfer to Milyang-si

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Venture Certification

Venture certification from Small and Medium Business Corporation of Korea.

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Small and Medium Business Corporation - Selected as Smart Venture Startup School

Entered in smart venture school and been granted with governmental support

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Toonation Launching

Donation platform "Toonation" Launched

company logo

Headquarter Transfer

Headquarter transfer to Pangyo Technovalley, Seongnam-si

History of Toothlife


Recognized Toothlife

Awards and Certifications

Toothlife does not stop from just solving problems, we have gained different awards and certifications to pursuit on better methods and knowledge.

Venture Certification

Small and Medium Business Corporation

Kyunsangnam-Do Mayer Award

BI Startup League

First penguin business certification

Credit Guarantee Fund

Knowledge Industry Grade [Good]


Credit Guarantee Fund


So, What do we do?

Business Area

Toothlife’s business area deals with many different fields.
But, “solving problem” is applied on every business we enter.


Why can on do marketing even if they have a good service?

Toothlife promises the variety of marketing method for Mobile to online, international marketing.


Why can creation is so hard to make profit?

Web based donation platform Toonation allows creators to be focused on creating contents by helping creators with Toonation.

Software Development

We would like to let people know about our service and skills.

Toothlife develops utilities, game tool and other software’s so that users may solve big and small problems of their system.

Hardware Development

Let’s influence the world

We develops sensors for Self-Driving Vechicle and Motion Tracking sensors to connect with our software technology and real life.

O2O Service

IT Businesses have weak point on offline business

Toothlife tests on and offline market to be a early adaptor in business area with skills and software for it.


The world is wide and problems are many.

There are many problems in the world. Toothlife is always ready to expand to solve those problems for the world.

Are you still wondering how we solve problems?

Try using our donation platform Toonation for creators.


Toothlife is always open for you.
If you have a good idea for solving problems, you are always welcome.



13486, B-903-2, Innovalley, 253, pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Repuiblic of Korea


+(82) 70 5214 0508